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About WCBS

The WCBS is the ‘Western’ affiliate to the North American Conference on British Studies representing scholars of British history, literature, art, culture and society.

Founded in 1973 as the Rocky Mountain Conference on British Studies, the WCBS provides a forum for the exchange and discussion of all aspects of British Studies and the British experience, including History, Politics, Literature, and the Arts. Membership is open to anyone though most members are drawn from colleges and universities in U.S. states and Canadian provinces located west of the Mississippi and east of the Rockies.

Membership is open to anyone with a professional, academic or personal interest in British Studies.

Join the WCBS via the NACBS

Please remember to renew your NACBS membership for 2015. If you have forgotten to renew your NACBS membership (which includes your subscription to JBS), please take a moment to do so.

Click here to take you to the NACBS/JBS renewal website to renew online.